Bellator LogoLightweight Eddie Alvarez promised to drop a bombshell this week and lived up to his word, revealing a dirty tactic Bellator had used as a means of preventing him from signing with the UFC. According to Alvarez, Bellator told him one thing and his management another when it came to the conditions of his ability to negotiate with other professional suitors.

Specifically, Alvarez was given official paperwork to sign stating Bellator reserved the right to match “all terms” of any proposals while the document his handlers received was worded as “all material terms”. The difference between the two relates to certain bonuses Alvarez would receive as part of the UFC roster not necessarily being tangible numbers and therefore an aspect of the proposed deal Bellator wouldn’t need to meet.

“You can’t change the contract in the middle of the contract. If you’re playing unfair, you’re playing unfair. I’m trying to play by the rules. They’re lying to the judge, they’re changing the contract,” said Alvarez in a heated interview with The MMA Hour. “I can’t play that game. They’re not leaving me any choice. If they’re going to kick me in the balls, eventually I’m going to kick them in the balls back.”

“They can’t match FOX, they can’t match pay-per-view, (and) they can’t match the opportunity and the money I was going to be given. They can’t, or else they would have never had to change it, couldn’t get contract the way it was,” he concluded.

Alvarez also explained he felt he was the victim of Viacom being protective of their investment in Bellator by butting heads with Zuffa, calling it little more than a “big dick-swinging contest between two companies.” However, despite the adversity he is currently dealing with, the 29-year old confirmed he would compete for Bellator if ruled to at the conclusion of their ongoing legal dispute.