Bellator LogoLightweight Eddie Alvarez isn’t able to step into a cage and compete at the moment but, as fans following his situation already know, the former Bellator champion definitely has a fight on his hands. Alvarez has been going back and forth with the organization based on a contractual dispute and is expected to head to court in the coming months to have a legal ruling made on the matter. At the root of the problem is Alvarez’s interest in signing with the UFC and Bellator’s contention he has been offered an equivalent deal he is obligated to ink based on a “right to match” clause in their previous agreement.

Alvarez took to Twitter last week to announce he’d been forced to sell a retirement property to afford the cost of living while things play out. Last night, the 29-year old went on the social networking site again to voice his opinion on the matter, laying in to the higher-ups at Bellator and Spike TV for their treatment of fighters.

“I am fortunate compared to guys like Cosmo Alexandre. This guy trains day and night to feed his family, and Viacom/Spike TV continue to hurt him. His story of getting shafted might be worse than mine,” wrote the 24-3 Alvarez in response to a message from Alexandre saying he was broke.

“Not to mention how Zach Makovsky was bullied to take a smaller pay day than contextually agreed or just sit after being champ,” added Alvarez. “I have nothing to complain about. I get paid well enough to keep bills paid, but to bully guys like Makovsky and Alexandre is a sin. Bjorn Rebney’s a grunt in this. It’s Viacom and Spike TV and a group of idiots with money who don’t know sh*t about MMA.”

Alexandre hasn’t seen action since November 2012 for unknown reasons, while former bantamweight champ Makovsky was cut after falling one fight removed from losing the belt.

“I might just dump just real sh*t tonight until I get a call from someone to stop. Soooo much to talk about now that the gloves are off,” Alvarez concluded, saying he had more he planned to share on Monday. “I’d be more careful in what I said but I was told as long as I truthful then I can say whatever I want.”