Frankie-Edgar - MMAWEEKLYUFC featherweight Frankie Edgar has lost three title-bouts in a row and is poised to face Charles Oliveira in July at UFC 162, an opponent also coming off a stumble in his most recent rumble. However, in Edgar’s opinion, a convincing win over Oliveira could still result in another crack at divisional gold.

Edgar spoke frankly with a group of media members at UFC 159 including Darce Side Radio where he elaborated on his rationale.

“Let’s be real. The way this goes, it’s not always the #1 contender that gets the title shots,” said Edgar, pointing to the UFC 159 main event between Jon Jones-Chael Sonnen as an example. “It’s who they invest money in and who’s a known name. In the lighter weights, just being that I’ve fought seven title-fights in a row, I think I’m that guy. So I think it makes sense for them, and it obviously makes sense for me.”

“I’m going to go out there and perform to the best of my ability, and I hope it’s enough to get the attention toward my way,” he continued.

Of course, Edgar is also realistic enough to know it might take more than a single instance of success and he’s okay with that scenario too.

“One would be nice but two maybe. If it’s three, it’s whatever. I’m down to work for it,” he concluded, adding he might be willing to give bantamweight a go if successful in obtaining a belt at 145 pounds but would otherwise not “drop weight to chase a title.”

Despite his trio of consecutive defeats, all of which were closely contested, Edgar still holds an overall record of 15-4-1. Among his notable past victories are those over Sean Sherk, Jim Miller, Gray Maynard, and B.J. Penn.