Michael-Bisping - MMAWEEKLYUFC middleweight Michael Bisping wasn’t at his sharpest last night in a decision win over Alan Belcher and for good reason as it turns out. Though able to perform, the brash Brit entered the bout still suffering from nerve damage he’d previously mentioned months back during the build up to the co-headlining clash and was slightly limited as a result.

“I have stenosis, which is a trapped nerve that causes atrophy and numbness in my right arm,” explained Bisping to Fuel TV after the conclusion of his match-up at UFC 159. “It’s progressively getting worse and worse. I saw a surgeon about six weeks before this fight and they told me I needed surgery (but) there was no way I was going to pull out of this fight.”

Bisping also assured fans he planned to “get back in the Octagon as soon as possible” though didn’t provide an actual timeframe for his return. As far as the win over Belcher, Bisping said his showing was business as usual rather than anything unexpected.

“Without sounding arrogant, that was what I was planning for,” assessed Bisping. “Of course I believed I had the speed advantage. He’s a big-sized middleweight, but I thought I had the speed advantage going in and I think that was obvious tonight.”

“It was a shame I caught him with my thumb there at the end. I apologize for that – it was a complete accident. Alan’s one hell of a performer and a good opponent. I have nothing but respect for Alan and I’m sure he’ll continue to have a great career,” he concluded.

The 33-year old Bisping is now 14-5 in his UFC career, adding Belcher to a list of wins on his record including the names of Chris Leben and Brian Stann.