UFC 159 PosterUFC star Chael Sonnen talks a good game but isn’t always able to back his words up in the Octagon. However, that doesn’t keep him from calling potential opponents out.

Sonnen was asked about his mindset in general entering tonight’s UFC 159 tilt with light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, telling Fuel TV’s broadcast team he’s not as self-assured as fans might think. In fact, he’s even willing to concede there’s a legitimate chance he won’t exit the Octagon this evening with divisional gold in tow.

“I have never been confident going to the ring. I go out there to do the same thing every single time regardless of the opponent…I’m gonna fight hard to the best of my ability and I never know,” explained Sonnen . “I’m not a bully. I don’t pick fights I know I can win. I take on tough guys, I bring my skills, and that’s it. One guy will get his hand raised.”

Though Sonnen won’t guarantee victory when it comes to Jones, that’s not to say the 36-year old doesn’t feel his skillset and seasoning will serve as advantages when the two tussle.

“I think Jon Jones is great. I just know I’m greater. I think Jon’s the best, but I’m better,” said Sonnen, going into promo-cutting mode. “He’s a tough guy with a lot of skills but so (am) I. He’s the champion of the crappiest division in the UFC, I’m the silver medalist in the toughest division in the UFC.”

Fans can find who is truly better in a matter of hours when action starts up on PPV.

The full interview with Sonnen can be seen below: