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Jon Jones guarantees eventual action against Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva - MMAWEEKLYUFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones is done beating around the bush when it comes to the subject of middleweight king Anderson Silva. Though he has no date in mind, “Bones” has finally confirmed his willingness to face the brilliant Brazilian rather than shrug off the notion while showing respect to his fellow pound-for-pound great.

Jones’ comments came yesterday at a press conference promoting his title-defense tomorrow night against Chael Sonnen at UFC 159.

When asked about the possibility of fighting Silva, Jones replied, “Definitely, there will be a time, there will come a time one day. I said it here first. Normally I beat around the bush, but it’s going to happen for sure.”

Silva has shown similar interest in an outing against Jones based on the stakes involved and status as a legitimate superfight. “The Spider” is 33-4 in his career with 26 stoppages and sixteen straight wins in the Octagon, while the 17-1 Jones’ only loss was the result of an unnecessary disqualification, and both have beaten a slew of savvy veterans with relative ease.


  • drstu says:

    Unnecessary disqualification=illegal strike. I’m sure all the other fighters who haven’t been able to continue due to illegal strikes(low blows, back of the head shots) would be surprised to know it was unnecessary for them to stop. Whiners.

  • Screenplaya says:

    Unnecessaary disqalification=an elbow thrown in a hail of elbows that had already determined the outcome of the fight.

    This fight should be the Madison Square Garden spactacle.

  • soundspawn says:

    Hamill had sustained a shoulder injury that left him unable to continue, the illegal elbow had nothing to do with his ability to keep fighting. This is also the strangest type of illegal blow, the angle of the strike… not point of impact, implement used, or position of competitors… the angle the strike was thrown from.

    Reigning down elbows = legal
    11 o’clock reigning down elbows = legal
    12 o’clock reigning down elbows = illegal

    Rogan also talked about the origins of this rule at (or around) the time… something about a commissioner seeing a karate demonstration where they were breaking cinder blocks with 12 o’clock elbows and he thought “Oh wow, those could kill a guy, we better ban those.” We’re just lucky the same guy didn’t see later when they would do the same thing with their fists…

  • MCM says:

    Glad they got rid of that whole “We’re friends, we’ll never fight each other.” charade. This is the superfight that needs to happen. I know it may come across that I’ve been excited to see the GSP/Silva superfight, but that’s only because there is nothing left for GSP at WW. He needs to move up to continue his career. The superfight I (and most others) WANT to see is this one.

    As good as Jones is I don’t see how he beats Silva in the stand up, even with the reach advantage. He could take him to the ground and unleash his devastating GnP, but to do that he’d have to get close to Anderson and take him down from the clinch. Jones doesn’t have a great outside shot which is Silva’s weakness. But no one in MMA has ever seen anyone with the gifts Jones has and as slick as Silva is in his striking defense, Jones lands with such unorthodox strikes, you can bet that more than not are going to land.

    It’s a damn good fight that could go either way, and I’m sure Dana as well as the rest of the MMA community are glad it’s finally gonna happen.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Off Topic: So Jones called Mitrione a scumbag for his comments to Fallon Fox (he shouldn’t of called her a worthless person but the other stuff is fine he just shouldn’t of done personal attacks) and now Mitrione has taken to calling Jones out on twitter saying that Jones better fight him in a yr or else he proves he’s just a spoiled coward of a child and that Jone’s power or reach will have nothing in the HW division.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Also about the elbows, I still don’t see how pulling back and coming down is less dangerous as doing a 12 o’clock elbow, it seems that it’d be actually worse


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