Hector-Lombard - MMAWEEKLYEntering the UFC, former Bellator champion Hector Lombard was seen as one of the top middleweights in MMA. However, Lombard has struggled thus far against larger opponents with comparable skill, losing Split Decisions to Tim Boetsch and Yushin Okami since signing with the organization.

Lombard’s lack of success has led to a call for him to make a move down to welterweight where his 5’9” frame is considered average rather than undersized. Though the 35-year old hasn’t made a decision one way or another, it looks like his recent decision to work with renowned dietician Mike Dolce has paid off and put Lombard in a position where fighting at 170 pounds is a very realistic option.

Dolce spoke with MMAFighting earlier this week where he said Lombard’s weight is already in range to make the cut down to 170 if so desired, explaining the Cuban judoka’s chiseled physique has proven to make things easier than initially expected.

“Muscle is easy. It’s easy to cut weight when you have muscle, because you can wring that water out of that. The guys who have extra body fat, there’s no water that comes out of that. That’s hard to work off,” said Dolce. “He’s already close enough [to make it], but I learned a while ago, my role is to listen to the athlete and help them do what they want, I’m not going to tell the athlete where to go. I never tell an athlete they should cut down because I know how hard it is. It takes a physical toll. But he can do it if he wants. He’s been on my diet for a month. He’s already within striking distance.”

The 32-4-1 Lombard is currently waiting to see how the process affects his strength/conditioning before making a final decision.