UFC 159 PosterOne of the big knocks on Chael Sonnen going into this weekend’s title-fight with UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones has been the disparity relating to each man’s physical proportions. While Sonnen is coming off an extended run at middleweight, Jones is one of the biggest 205ers on the organization’s roster and has even pointed to a future swim in the heavyweight pool.

However, though Sonnen is widely seen as a 185-pound fighter, the 36-year old spent a good amount of time competing in the light heavyweight division before signing with the UFC. And, according to Sonnen, he wouldn’t mind ending his career there either.

“I will go back to 185 if I need to, but I don’t want to. I never wanted to be at that weight class,” revealed Sonnen this week on The Opie and Anthony Show. “I always wanted to be at 205, but that’s where the contract came in at.”

Sonnen has 27 total wins on his record but lacks the same signature victories at 205 pounds as he owns at middleweight. Clearly, he will be looking to change that on Saturday night at UFC 159 when he faces “Bones” in a battle for promotional gold.