Michael-Bisping - MMAWEEKLYThough UFC middleweights Michael Bisping and Alan Belcher are both well-versed in wrestling and BJJ, chances are things in their tilt this weekend at UFC 159 won’t hit the ground unless it involves one of the two taking a nosedive after eating a stiff shot. Not only do the 185-pounders possess polished stand-up, but Bisping and Belcher have grown to despise each other during the build up to their bout and appear to genuinely want to hurt the other once the cage door closes.

The animosity between the two spilled over during a recent conference call with media and was also on display in a recent preview piece the UFC put together hyping Saturday night’s co-headliner.

“Bisping could not knock me out with his best punch if I let him,” boasted Belcher, questioning Bisping’s power before guaranteeing victory. “This fight is the biggest fight of my life. One day I will have that belt around my waist. If I can step on Bisping on my way to the title it’s just a better day for me.”

For the record, Belcher is 18-7 with nine knockouts in comparison to Bisping’s 23-5 mark with fourteen strike-based stoppages.

The full video, also featuring Bisping’s remarks, can be seen below: