AndersonSilva - MMAWEEKLYMuch has been made out of the possibility of a super-fight between UFC champions Georges St-Pierre (24-2) and Anderson Silva (33-4) even though the two have never actually come close to colliding inside the Octagon. Still, the dominance each has displayed over their decorated careers coupled with the closeness of their divisions has created an intriguing combination many fans (and UFC President Dana White) can’t seem to shrug off.

However, as it turns out, St-Pierre thinks middleweight is such a stretch he’d be better off dipping down to lightweight if dead set on making a move.

“I don’t do much cutting. It would be easier for me to go fight at 155 than fight at 185. I would be more at my weight,” said St-Pierre this week on the Joe Rogan Experience, adding, “I’m not a big guy, I’m not thick.”

St-Pierre went on to emphasize the advantage Silva has when it comes to height/weight. Though GSP left a little room open for him to change his mind, he ultimately pointed to 170-pound contender Johny Hendricks as “probably” being his next challenge rather than the brilliant Brazilian.