UFC 159 BannerThough the trash-talk between UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and controversial contender Chael Sonnen hasn’t been as ferocious as many fans predicted, the good will witnessed between the two on TUF 17 has certainly dissipated and resulted in a few spurts of smack over the past few weeks. Things will no doubt be amped up again this afternoon when Jones and Sonnen participate in a conference call with media to talk about their headlining tilt this coming weekend at UFC 159.

Also on the line will be rival middleweights Alan Belcher-Michael Bisping as well as UFC President Dana White.

As usual, Five Ounces of Pain will be listening in while relaying highlights back to our readers in real time as things unfold on the phone. Things fire up at 2:00 PM EST.

Read below for quotes and other interesting nuggets of information gleaned from the call:

Jon Jones:

– Dreams of fighting one day at Madison Square Garden
– Receives great support from the New York area
– Believes a win over Sonnen will cement his legacy based on it tying Tito Ortiz’s record for championship wins in the division
– “I wouldn’t say I’m concerned with his wrestling but I’ve worked on my bottom game more than I have in any other camp.”
– Doesn’t think people respect his own wrestling / “Maybe I’ll take him down more than he’ll take me down.”
– After November he will consider super-fights and a move up to heavyweight
– “I’ve beaten a lot of peoples’ favorite fighters.” / “I’m the new guy so of course they want to see the new guy lose to people they’ve loved for years.”
– “I try not to talk about the bad things that happen in the world because that’s what terrorists want.” / “I pray for the families and that’s it.”
– Driven by having the same level of respect as a Mixed Martial Artist as his brothers in the NFL do
– “Being a champion means more than just having the belt.”

Chael Sonnen:

– Doesn’t have any insight on the confrontation from a fan at the Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale
– “I don’t pick all fights but I do pick fights. And I am well aware of that perception and I enjoy it.”
– Is fine with the added pressure of people saying he doesn’t deserve a title-shot
– “As great as Jon is, I don’t think he understands how great he is.” / “The reality is Jon Jones can beat Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali any given day.”
– “I don’t earn title-shots; title-shots earn me. I don’t earn main events; main events earn me.” / “I take what I want and that’s it.”
– “Here’s the reality with Anderson – I stomped that guy.” / “They say Anderson is the best pound-for-pound. He’s not even the best round-for-round.”
– “I think Jon is considerably better than Anderson.”

Michael Bisping:

– Says previous issues with nerve damage in his arm/neck are no longer a problem / “There’s nothing that’s going to stop me from destroying Alan Belcher on Saturday night.”
– Wants to redeem himself after being beaten by Vitor Belfort / “You’re only as good as your last fight and my last fight was a loss. And I don’t take that too well.”
– “I’m a fighter and I want to be a world champion, and as long as my body can keep doing it I’m going to keep trying.”
– “A win over me from Alan Belcher would be the biggest win of his pathetic career. No one gives a f*ck about Alan Belcher.”
– “I’m just gonna show up, slap your little face, take my check, and go home.”

Alan Belcher:

– “I’m not really thinking about the ranks; I’m not thinking about the fans. I’m thinking about the fight.”
– “It is emotional for me and that’s when I perform at my highest.”
– “I can sit here and say I’m better than he is but nobody will know until Saturday night.”

Dana White:

– Not on the call after all / No explanation offered