Daniel-Cormier - MMAWEEKLY2Though height and weight are not the be-all end-all when it comes to success in Mixed Martial Arts it certainly never hurts to have advantages in either department. To date, heavyweight Daniel Cormier (11-0) has been able to deal with the larger, stronger foes he’s squared off against, but, in the opinion of UFC on FOX 7 opponent Frank Mir (16-6), that is likely to change now that he’s taken his talents to the Octagon.

“He’s dangerous. He comes from a great camp. He has all the right tools to be very successful in his career,” assessed Mir in an interview with the UFC at the event’s open workouts before turning to some of Cormier’s cons. “I think the limiting factors are his size. I’m curious to see how well he’ll do against some of the biggest guys in the UFC. He has fought Antonio Silva and Josh Barnett, but to be consistent over a period of time (is different). I think he himself knows that too. He’s already made allusions to fighting at 205.”

To make his point, Mir referred to a moment during the media festivities leading up to tonight’s card where he caught Cormier next to lightweight Gilbert Melendez.

“I was standing there, staring over at him, watching him and Gilbert Melendez standing side-by-side (and) I was like, ‘Wow, me and Benson Henderson are fighting the same guy with the same reach. One is just quite heavier than the other,’” Mir joked.

In the 5’11” Cormier’s defense, Melendez is actually a few ticks shorter though Mir’s point remains. Specifically, Mir is four inches taller than Cormier and weighed in 22 pounds heavier for their bout.

Mir’s full comments along with some words from Cormier can be seen below: