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Nate Diaz: “I don’t think there’s anything for me in the lightweight division.”

Nate Diaz v Marcus Davis - MMAWEEKLYThe next time a Diaz Brother steps into the Octagon at 170 pounds it looks like it may not be the one named “Nick”. In the words of Nate Diaz, who currently competes in the lightweight division, tomorrow night’s tilt with Josh Thomson at UFC on FOX 7 will be his last time fighting at 155 for awhile barring unforeseen circumstances.

According to Diaz, he’s having a hard time getting excited for match-ups and feels like a new challenge will ignite the necessary spark.

“I don’t think there’s anything for me in the lightweight division. I already beat everyone at lightweight or I fought everyone already. The only person who beat me was Ben, and Gil’s going to handle him Saturday,” said Diaz in an interview with MMAJunkie, referring to this weekend’s headlining bout between champ Benson Henderson and Diaz’s friend/teammate Gilbert Melendez. “I’m going to sit around and fight the guys all over again? Boring. There’s no motivation in that. I’d rather fight someone new.”

“So unless they have something really cool to offer (at lightweight) or a really cool fight that would interest me…yeah, I’m out,” he concluded.

The 16-8 Diaz fought four times as a welterweight between 2010-2011, posting a 2-2 mark including finishes of Marcus Davis/Rory Markham and decision losses to Dong Hyun Kim/Rory MacDonald. He is 3-1 since slimming back down.


  • hindsightufuk says:

    well he hasnt beaten everybody, nor fought everybody, not beaten everybody he has fought other than Ben. i get his point, just badly made.
    if he escapes to 170 then i hope he takes a year off to bulk up, else we’ll be seeing more Dong and Rory results. i’ll be supporting him regardless

  • Screenplaya says:

    I think maybe Nate has forgotten the multiple suplexes and overall man-handling he suffered at the hands of Rory MacDonald. This is a mistake for Nate, but then again, rational thought is not in the skill set of the Brothers Diaz. Striking and Grappling? Yes. Making reasoned decisions? Uh, nope.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    The Diaz bros don’t have a particularly strong track record fighting at 170 pounds.

    Older bro Nick compiled a 7-6 record during separate stints with the UFC (all fought at WW). His top 3 wins at 170 are…

    BJ Penn – The fight against Nick was BJ’s 2nd to last fight, amidst a 1-4-1 stretch to close out his MMA career.

    Paul Daley – A fringe top-10 WW at the time, Daley and Diaz delivered a wildly entertaining fight that saw each guy hurt the other, with Nick emerging late to stun Daley who was unable to recover just before the end of the opening round.

    Robbie Lawler – Way back at UFC 47, around the time that Dana had hair and Randy rocked the jorts!. Always a feared striker, Lawler didn’t intimidate Nick who stood right in the pocket with him, eventually clipping Robbie in a tight exchange that sent him to the canvas, as the ref stepped in to stop the action while a dazed Lawler protested. (I’d love to see a rematch.)

    But for as good as Nick is, when he’s faced the truly top contenders he hasn’t been able to come away with his arm raised.

    Switching over to Nate, he went 2-2 in his brief run at 170. His two victories came against…

    Marcus Davis – A similar situation to BJ Penn when Nick beat him, this was Davis’ 2nd to last fight with the UFC, in a stretch where Davis lost 4 outta 5 fights to earn a pink slip from the UFC.

    Rory Markham – Coming off a KO loss Dan Hardy, Markham weighed in 7 pounds over the limit for the Diaz bout. The fight happened anyway with Markham getting KO’d again… and he hasn’t fought in the 3+ years since.

    The Diaz bros have plenty of talent and I enjoy watching both of them fight. Their popularity is understandable, but it seems to overshadow the fact they haven’t actually done much at 170. Which isn’t to say Nate doesn’t still have years ahead of him to change that, but I think he’d be better off sticking at 155.

  • MCM says:

    When Gilbert loses to Bendo, Diaz will change his mind about moving up to 170.
    As far as beating everyone or fighting everyone in LW, what about Sanchez (he’s moving down and has a nice story line with a win of Nick), Aldo (he’s moving up after the Pettis fight), Lauzon, Masvidal, Healy, even a fight with Tony Ferguson would be exciting.
    That sounds a lot better than getting out muscled, out wrestled, and out pointed against the top 15 in the WW division.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Just where in that article does he say anything about moving up, he could be trying to cut down to 145 and fighting those people you know.

  • MCM says:

    Good point Alpha. It also doesn’t say he’s staying in MMA…..

    “So unless they have something really cool to offer (at lightweight) or a really cool fight that would interest me…yeah, I’m out,”

    Maybe he’s going out like his brother and only wants to fight guys he chooses or won’t fight at all.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    A Diaz/Diaz dual run at two boxing championships would be interesting


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