Frank Mir - MMAWEEKLYUFC heavyweight Daniel Cormier is a pretty easy going guy. He loves competition and is passionate about his professional pursuits but he’s not one to talk trash even in situations where he’s been baited. Case in point, Cormier’s match-up with Frank Mir tomorrow night at UFC on FOX 7.

Leading up to the bout Mir has lobbed a handful of verbal grenades in Cormier’s direction such as questioning his success based on it coming in Strikeforce and threatening to injure him if necessary to prove a point. However, Cormier hasn’t fired back other than to say he will silence Mir once the cage door closes.

“Frank has talked and talked and he just does it over and over. He just likes to talk and I’m not sure if he actually thinks I’m not very good or he’s just trying to convince himself that he’s not in over his head,” said Cormier in a recent interview with of his confusion surrounding Mir’s stream of insults.

“I don’t exactly know what the purpose is or his motivation behind it, but I’m a pretty level-headed guy. I’m not going to be so pissed off; I’m going to lose myself in this fight. I’m going to keep my head about me but that’s the beauty of our sport,” Cormier continued, showing he won’t be shaken by words. “He can talk and say whatever he wants, but on April 20, he has to go inside that cage and back all those words up. If you don’t then it doesn’t look very good on your behalf.”

The 11-0 Cormier has finished seven opponents with strikes including top contender Antonio Silva while all six of Mir’s losses have come by way of knockout, meaning there’s certainly a legitimate chance the former Olympian will live up to his promise rather than allowing his adversary to do the same. Regardless, Cormier is simply excited about the opportunity in front of him.

“I’m just excited,” Cormier concluded. “I’ve been waiting and working really hard for this opportunity and it’s finally here. Some people never get the chance to get what I’m about to get – not only fighting in the UFC but on FOX. Co-headlining a big event against a former UFC champion, I couldn’t ask for more. I love big time competition and I’m just pumped up.”