Daniel-Cormier-Josh-Barnett - MMAWEEKLYIt’s not uncommon for fighters to shed weight to dip down divisionally in hopes of dealing with opponents who are similarly sized rather than noticeably larger. That being said, such moves rarely involve heavyweights considering the effort required and potential effects on long-term health.

UFC fighter Daniel Cormier is very familiar with the dangers of cutting too much weight after encountering some serious medical issues during his career as an amateur wrestler. However, Cormier is still considering a future at 205 pounds and feels confident in his ability to make weight safely after his dedication to fitness over the past few years.

“At my heaviest, I was 264 pounds. I was consistently weighing in for fights at 250 pounds, and that was after training camps. I was losing 7, 8 pounds and being 250 pounds at weigh-ins,” explained the 5’11” Cormier in an interview with USA Today. “Now, I wake up in the morning, and I’m 234 pounds. That’s almost a 20-pound difference. Now it seems realistic. I’m lighter now than even when I was wrestling.”

“I think I have to just get through this fight and then see what happens next,” he concluded. “I’m going to fight with my heart and soul and give you everything I have to win this fight against Frank and continue to build to hopefully one day be the UFC champion.”

The 11-0 Cormier is set to mix it up with Frank Mir this weekend at UFC on FOX 7. Though the 34-year old is in the discussion for title-contendership, close friend and training partner Cain Velasquez currently holds the belt and neither has ever expressed interest in fighting the other. Also adding to the possibility of Cormier as a 205er, he has exchanged verbal jabs with champion Jon Jones through the media over the past year.