Jim-Miller-vs-Joe-Lauzon - MMAWEEKLYAs might be expected, the UFC does an excellent job finding slots for regional talent when it comes to booking shows. After all, people understandably love cheering on one of their own.

In that vein, lightweight finisher Joe Lauzon hopes he’ll get a call in the coming weeks for a bout in Boston on August 17 when the world’s foremost MMA organization returns to “Bean Town” for UFC on FOX Sports 1. Though “J-Lau” doesn’t have a particular opponent in mind, just a date/location, he’s open to any adversary as long as it gives him a chance to entertain his fellow Massachusetts natives.

“I really don’t care. Whoever the UFC wants me to fight, I’ll fight. I really feel like on any night I can beat anyone. I just need to game plan, and things need to go right in camp, and things need to go right on the night of the fight. But I feel like I can catch anyone,” explained Lauzon in an interview with MMAJunkie. “I keep my eye on everyone in my division. When there’s a lightweight fight, I’m always watching. I try to take mental notes on what they’re doing and whatnot, but once they give me an opponent, I really go back and look. But I don’t care. Doesn’t matter.”

Lauzon is currently in the process of undergoing treatments to deal with a scar tissue build-up on his forehead. The 28-year old, who was last seen losing a Fight of the Night effort to Jim Miller in late December, is 22-8 in his career with stoppages in every instance of success. He is also tied with middleweight champion Anderson Silva for the most performance-based bonuses in the promotion’s history at twelve total.