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Demian Maia wants match-up with Nick Diaz

Nick-Diaz -UFC-143 - MMAWeeklyUFC welterweight Demian Maia has proven himself to be a force in the division with a 3-0 mark since making the move down from 185 pounds. However, little has been heard from the brilliant Brazilian since beating Jon Fitch in early February, remaining idle while most of his peers have been paired off for future dates.

Even though there aren’t a lot of available opponents who make sense for Maia in terms of those ranked ahead of him, it appears the slick submission specialist does have his eye on one potential adversary – Nick Diaz.

While Diaz is coming off consecutive losses to Carlos Condit and Georges St-Pierre, he remains one of the sport’s most popular fighters and is widely respected from a talent perspective. Throwing a wrench in the plan, Diaz has said he plans to retire unless awarded a rematch with GSP or crack at Anderson Silva.

Maia’s desire to face Diaz was announced this week on UFC Tonight, expressing specific interest in action on August 3 in Rio de Janeiro at UFC 163 even if Diaz is not up to the task.

The 18-4 Maia has tapped out nine opponents including Rick Story and Chael Sonnen. Meanwhile, Diaz has yet to be submitted in 35 professional fights, posting a 26-9 record over the span including 21 stoppages.


  • Careful what you wish for Demian….you just might get it…and get schooled.

  • MCM says:

    really superdave? You think a guy that out wrestled Fitch would have a hard time with Diaz? I think Damian is looking for an easy win over a guy that is still in the headlines. I’d rather see him take on Kampmann or Ellenberger.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I think Nick would avoid being finished but that Maia would control him with superior grappling.

    Agree with MCM – pair Nick up with a striker like Kampmann or the Lawler rematch. Ellenberger would make for a fun fight too but he’s the one who should be taking on Maia, for #1 contender status.

  • MCM says:

    I meant Maia should take on Kampmann or Ellenberger.

    Diaz should crawl back in his whole and go back to pouting about how nobody gives him anything.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Just remembered Ellenberger is set to take on Rory… so that does leave Maia needing an opponent. Condit maybe?

    And back to Nick, Diego would be a decent rematch option too.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I like watching Nick fight, he just shouldn’t be fighting for the title or against wrestlers/grapplers who will control him and leave Nick complaining.

  • MCM says:

    Condit is on a two fight losing streak so that’s a no go for Maia.
    Hendricks, GSP, Ellenberger, Rory, Lawler, and Saffedine are all booked, so that only leaves Kampmann or Kos. I’d rather see the Kampmann fight than Diaz only cause Kampmann has takedown defense.

    Diego is moving down to LW so that’s a no go for Diaz.
    I honestly don’t see Diaz fighting again in the UFC, even if they do give him a striker like Kampmann or Cote.

  • DO I think a guy that GSP struggled to take down after three rounds, has great reach and FAR superior striking to Fitch or Marquardt, and the cardio to go five with GSP or Condit at a high pace could give Maia fits? Yep sure do.

    Maia could own Nick if he took him down and stayed in top position not looking for submissions. But bring scrambles to the game and I think Nick can wind up on top of Maia and rain leather. I also think that mid second round, Maia would gas from the constant scrambles and Nick would start to beat him up.
    Its an interesting match, and I think it could go either way, but I dont think Maia has the raw cardio and athleticism to keep up the pace on the floor that Nick can, and on the feet Maia has nothing to offer Nick. If he didnt get it right to the floor, and pull out a sub, I think Nick would get the better of him.

  • Screenplaya says:

    I would be happy to watch this fight, but at this point, I am more interested in seeing Diaz move up to 185. I think if he gets a win there, they can fast track him to a title shot because Silva/Diaz would be an awesome fight. I mean, I assume Nick gets KO-ed, but we’ve never seen that happen. The fight would be an easy sell.


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