Travis Browne - MMAWEEKLYUFC heavyweight Travis Browne had a lot to prove in this past weekend’s go at Gabriel Gonzaga. In addition to facing a respected foe, Browne was also looking to bounce back from his first career loss and an injury to boot.

Any questions about Browne’s ability to deal with the physical and mental strain from his defeat to Antonio Silva were certainly answered against Gonzaga when the 6’7 slugger knocked his adversary out in a little more than a minute with a vicious series of elbows. Browne recounted the sequence leading to the stoppage in a recent interview with MMAJunkie where he also expressed hope that the nature of the win would put him back in contention for an eventual shot at the divisional strap.

“I remember hitting him with one, and the referee was right there. I could kind of see him standing off to the side, and he didn’t say anything. I hit him with two more, and by that time he was done,” said Browne of his fight-ending effort. “I just kind of stopped. I didn’t feel him fighting anymore. I try to be respectful in the cage, and if I know somebody can’t defend themselves, I’m not going to take advantage of that.”

The victory was named Knockout of the Night and marked the twelfth time the 14-1 Browne had finished an opponent. With a knockout of Stefan Struve also on his record, the 30-year old “Hapa” thinks he deserves a top talent in his next tilt to prove his loss to Silva was a product of a banged up hamstring rather than inferior ability.

“I’m starting to get some of the recognition I may not have gotten before, and I think it’s due. I’ve put in some of my time. What is this, like my sixth or seventh fight in the UFC? I’m coming off of one loss in my career. I think it’s time for me to start moving up and get those shots like Silva and some of the guys in the Top 10,” explained Browne of his interest in facing an elite opponent. “If that (win) doesn’t put me in the Top 10, I’m sure I’ll be there shortly.”