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Frank Mir feels fight with Daniel Cormier is a lose-lose situation

Daniel-Cormier - MMAWEEKLY2A sizable chunk of MMA fans see Daniel Cormier as a legitimate player in the heavyweight division based on the unbeaten grappler’s success over Antonio Silva and Josh Barnett. Still, many others have never even seen him compete considering Cormier’s wins have all occurred outside of the Octagon. That will change in less than two weeks when Cormier mixes it up with former champion Frank Mir at UFC on FOX 7.

Though Mir knows Cormier has skill to support some of the praise being heaped on his shoulders, the 33-year old doesn’t feel he’ll boost his stock by facing an adversary some people have never heard of outside of promotion for the April 20 event.

“(He has) nothing to lose. He goes out and fights somebody else that’s lower ranked, and he comes out and loses, he loses a lot of stock. He goes out against me, changes levels, takes a shot, I guillotine him and choke him out in, let’s say, 40 seconds. Does it really take anything away from his stock? No,” explained Mir in an interview with MMAFighting. “He can still stand up and go, ‘Well guys, I got submitted by Mir, (joined) the laundry list of people that have been submitted by him. I’m going to go to light heavyweight.’ And he still has all the same momentum he had when he first started. All his fans will be able to just remark on the fact that, ‘Well, you know, Mir caught him. He stepped in right off the bat. That’s Mir, you know? Mir catches a lot of people.’ So he can actually lose and not lose anything.”

“Whereas, let’s say he fights Todd Duffee, who’s very capable of knocking his teeth down his throat, but Todd Duffee doesn’t have the same notoriety that I do. He’s 2-1 in the UFC, so it’s more of a dangerous fight,” added Mir.

Mir also wasn’t overly impressed by Cormier’s victory against Barnett, arguably his biggest to date. Barnett has been a Top 5 heavyweight for years and turned in an exciting, albeit losing, five-round effort against Cormier last May.

“I think he has kind of a false sense of security (from) fighting against Josh. You know, he feels like, ‘Well, Josh caught me and couldn’t finish me.’ Barnett’s a great grappler, but he’s not known for smashing people’s limbs off. If I catch something, and it’s close, I put people in the hospital,” said Mir. “How many bones has Barnett broken? How many people has he put in the hospital?”

“Anybody at heavyweight can hope for a knockout. But I hunt them down and see them. And as far as submissions go, if he makes a mistake, then I’ll take one of his limbs home,” he confidently concluded.

Mir-Cormier will serve as the co-headliner at UFC on FOX 7. The 16-6 Mir hasn’t fought since being knocked out by Junior dos Santos in a title-bout but had strung together wins over Mirko Filipovic, Roy Nelson, and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira going into the tilt. Comparably, Cormier is 11-0 with eight stoppages under his belt.


  • soundspawn says:

    “Smashing people’s limbs off” is wordsmithing on par with Uriah Faber’s “[my sister had surgery] to put her skull back on.” I love it

  • THEGUNNER says:

    I hope mir loses and gets cut. When he subbed big nog he almost got ko ed when he subbed tim silva he was still willing to fight so why is he so cocky I dont understand. Maybe its because he subbed old ass tank abbot. Lets hope he at least trains for this fight unlike the big country and crocop.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    He won’t get cut Gunner, he’s to big of a name. He’s definitely gotten cockier since the whole Brock stuff

  • soundspawn says:

    Mir’s always been cocky, but after his accident he (understandably) lost his confidence. Beating Brock obviously boosted his ego, but again go back and look at his old UFC fights; he hasn’t really changed much in that regard.

    Citing that Silva still wanted to fight is very short sided. He had no clue the extent of his damage, and later went on to thank Herb Dean for stopping the fight (claiming the injury was career threatening upon further examination). For whatever reason (shock/adrenaline?) he was not feeling the pain of a broken arm, that doesn’t discredit Mir winning the fight.

  • Screenplaya says:

    I personally like Mir, and I hope he wins. It is good for the division to have a jiu-jitsu guy in the mix. I wish he would improve his cardio and takedowns, though. He needs those things to contend with the heavies that can overpower him.

    I would like to see Cormier move to 205, becuase we need as much talent there as we can get.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Frank smash limbs off. Excellent.

    He loves to talk about sending guys to the hospital but Frank is the one who’s had his head pounded on by guys like Brock, Carwin & JDS. And having your brain rattled around your skull is a far more devastating injury than having an arm in a cast for a few weeks.

    If Cormier gives him yet another concussion-inducing defeat, it’ll be time for Frank to head down the path of Florian and Bonnar.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Frank Mir boasting about Frank Mir is awesome.
    He has plenty to boast about.
    I ‘ve got Cormier by TKO in Rnd 2.
    It’ll be a blast watching these two square off…err….octagon off!

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    By the way Brendan,
    Do you understand what a “Lose-Lose” situation means?
    Your article does not portray this at all.
    Where is the part that Mir talks about if Cormier wins?
    How is that part of the “Lose-Lose” situation for DC?
    Sorry kid, but do you understand my point?

    I’d say DC is in a “WIN-WIN”situation,
    while Mir is in a “I BETTER FUKKING WIN” situation.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    If Mir wins, he beats a guy a most mainstream fans don’t know; if he loses, he falls to a guy most mainstream fans don’t know. To me that is a lose/lose situation, at least from Mir’s perspective.

    I absolutely see your point as far as it being a win/win for DC, though I’d say it is ultimately a matter of semantics rather than cause for criticism.


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