Johny-Hendricks - MMAWeeklyMost fans would argue UFC welterweight Johny Hendricks is already one of the division’s hardest hitting competitors and they’d have a good case to support their claim considering his knockouts of opponents like Martin Kampmann and Jon Fitch. However, Hendricks himself isn’t satisfied with his ability to leave opponents face-down with a single strike and plans to work on that aspect of his arsenal while waiting for his match-up with champion Georges St-Pierre to materialize.

Hendricks spoke to MMAWeekly affiliate Knockout Radio recently where he admitted he initially thought he’d be the sidelined scrapper exiting UFC 158 due to an injury he suffered during his clash with Carlos Condit. Fortunately, things were not quite as bad as feared and he’s ready for action as soon as St-Pierre is.

“Once I popped the fingers back into place, it was sore about three days,” said Hendricks of his reaction to hurting his hand against Condit, believing he’d broken it in the beginning. “It just scared me at that point, and when they were cutting off my gloves, it hurt as well. So those are always scary things.”

Though Hendricks is ready to challenge for St-Pierre’s strap, GSP is currently unavailable and isn’t likely to compete until September. Of course, the ever-positive Hendricks isn’t disappointed about the layoff. In fact, he’s excited about utilizing his extended layoff.

“I’m just going to work on things that I could have done better,” explained Hendricks. “I’m actually going to lift during this camp, during this off-season. Last off-season I didn’t, so I’m actually going to start lifting again, trying to get up a little more power for this next fight.”

The 15-1 Hendricks has won his last six fights. Eight of his victories have featured a strike-based stoppage.