Alexander Gustafsson - MMAWEEKLYA week ago today, UFC light heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson was in the midst of training for a main event match-up with Gegard Mousasi at UFC on Fuel 9 where he hoped to earn a title-shot by exiting the effort with his hand raised. However, a basic grappling session resulted in Gustafsson bumping his head on a ring-post and opened up a gash ultimately forcing him out of the fight.

Gustafsson recently revealed how heartbreaking the situation has been on his end of things, telling Fighters Only he was still completely confident he would be cleared for competition even after being cut and would have risked the repercussions regardless of an athletic commission’s approval if given the chance.

“It’s been terrible. It’s been the worst time in my life so far in my career, I can tell you that. I lost once in my career, but this is even worse,” explained the glum Gustafsson. “This has been a circus; it’s been a roller-coaster. But it is what it is. I feel for Gegard, I feel for the fans, and that’s the worst part.”

“In my wildest fantasies I would never believe this would happen,” he continued on his current state of shock. “I was thinking, ‘Okay, it’s a cut. It’s bad but still, I go and stitch it up…no problem. I don’t train anymore, cut my weight, and I’m ready to fight on Saturday. That was 100% for me.”

“With this cut, I would take the risk every day of the week to fight, no matter what,” he concluded.

The 15-1 Gustafsson expects to be rescheduled for action right away given his readiness and doesn’t care who he faces as long as it puts him back on track for a title-shot. The dynamic Swede has won six straight fights including success against James Te Huna, Thiago Silva, and Mauricio Rua.