AndersonSilva - MMAWEEKLYUFC welterweight Nick Diaz appears to be once again be done with Mixed Martial Arts, leaving fans to wonder if he is crying wolf or legitimately moving on to the next phase of his life. Diaz hung his gloves up after a decision loss to Carlos Condit in 2012 but decided to end his short-lived retirement to fight rival Georges St-Pierre.

Similarly, Diaz has apparently said he will return to the ring if given a rematch with St-Pierre or a crack at UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva.

UFC Tonight reporter Ariel Helwani confirmed the matter earlier today by way of Twitter.

The 26-9 Diaz lost a fairly one-sided decision to St-Pierre last month but exited the effort angry based on the involved athletic commission’s approach to title-fight weights. Though such scraps are supposed to be contested at the specific weight involved, Quebec’s regulatory board doesn’t take decimal points into consideration, meaning Montreal native St-Pierre could have technically come in over 170 pounds and still defended his belt.

Meanwhile, Diaz has expressed past interest in Silva before in terms of testing his skills against the best the sport has to offer.