Jon Jones/Chael Sonnen - TUF 17The upcoming bout between UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen was signed in large part based on a brewing rivalry between the two rather than the match-up making sense from a divisional perspective. To help hype the fight, the UFC also booked the duo as opposing coaches on TUF 17 in hopes of seeing the two butt heads on a weekly basis. Surprisingly, the close confines brought on by the reality show actually had the opposite effect, as Jones/Sonnen have been shown to get along for the most part and the trash-talk has been toned down since taping concluded.

Though Jones may have a new level of appreciation for Sonnen on a personal level based on their time together, the 25-year old’s respect for his foe at UFC 159 ends there.

“He’s weak in every way, shape, or form. He taps before submissions are even sunk in. If I put one hand around his throat he’s probably going to tap,” said Jones in an interview with the UFC. “No matter how much he tries to convince himself that he’s gonna win this fight or that he’s the champion without the belt, he doesn’t believe. And that’s why he comes up short in every opportunity he gets to be a champion. He doesn’t have a champion’s soul, heart, work ethic…nothing.”

The 17-1 Jones also made it clear he intends on teaching Sonnen a lesson on April 27 – be careful what you ask for.

“If Chael thinks he’s going to go out there and just repeatedly take me down like he did with Anderson Silva, he’s got another thing coming (and) he’s gonna know that right away,” expressed the supremely self-assured champion, promising, “I will defeat Chael Sonnen in extremely devastating fashion.”

Check out the complete interview with Jones below: