Georges St-Pierre - UFC 124UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre has taken to the Octagon twice in the past six months, showing he’s strong enough to go back to his regular schedule after an extended absence from action due to knee surgery. Unfortunately, it looks like it could be awhile before St-Pierre returns to the ring again albeit for reasons unrelated to his health.

Not only has St-Pierre asked for a small break to recuperate after two grueling camps but the fan-favorite has a number of other projects on his schedule including a role in the sequel to 2011’s Captain America. All told, it could be another six months before St-Pierre is back in the infamous eight-sided cage.

Though top contender Johny Hendricks is itching for action, he recently told MMAWeekly affiliate Knockout Radio he’s worked too hard to risk the opportunity in front of him by fighting again during St-Pierre’s hiatus and will wait as long as it takes to get his try at the French-Canadian’s title.

“Now I know I have that fight. Nothing stands in my way between me and GSP,” said Hendricks. “I’d like to fight in August, but if it’s September I’m fine with that too.”

Hendricks also made it clear he won’t waver if his superiors try to talk him into a bout before St-Pierre is free to defend his belt.

“If he gets to wait, then I want to wait for him,” stated the frank Hendricks.

The 15-1 Hendricks has won his last six scraps including success against Josh Koscheck, Martin Kampmann, Jon Fitch, and most recently Carlos Condit.