Anderson Silva - MMAWEEKLYBy all accounts, UFC middleweight Chris Weidman’s stock is at an all-time high. He is months away from potentially becoming the first man to defeat champion Anderson Silva inside the Octagon; he’s well-spoken, unbeaten, and only 28-years old. However, Weidman isn’t looking to capitalize on his current circumstances by demanding an increase in salary.

At least not yet, that is.

“I’m definitely okay with making what I was making,” said Weidman in a recent interview with MMAJunkie. “I want to do that because then after I beat Anderson like I plan on doing, then obviously the contract will jump up more than if I was to rip up the contract now. I’m ready to put all my eggs in one basket and put my money where my mouth is.”

In truth, the 9-0 Weidman knows he probably could be making more than he currently is even without a title-shot and ton of hype attached to his name if he wanted to focus on improving his pay by padding his stats. Of course, the accomplished amateur grappler simply doesn’t operate that way.

“I put myself in a lot of risky positions fighting good guys. I could have fought 50 guys at this point and smoked every one of them, and it would be against nobodies, which a lot of guys do. But I always chose the toughest competition because I knew that was going to make me the best I could be,” explained Weidman. “I got into this fight game for one reason: to be champion. I believe this is my time. The money is going to come when I’m champion. It’s not going to come before. I’m not looking for a couple of extra grand. I’m looking to make Anderson Silva money. I want that belt. That’s it. I know everything else comes with that.”

Weidman has picked up five of his wins under the UFC banner including success against Demian Maia and Mark Munoz. He and Silva are scheduled to scrap on July 6 at UFC 162.