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Nick Diaz’s camp cries foul over UFC 158 weigh-in, drug testing procedures

Georges-St-Pierre-UFC-129 - MMAWeeklyPeople who thought the fight between UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre and controversial contender Nick Diaz ended a little less than two weeks ago when GSP had his hand raised at UFC 158 were apparently wrong. Though that specific scrap may indeed be over, Diaz’s lawyer is filing two complaints relating to the tilt with both aimed at the way Quebec’s athletic commission handled the event.

According to a statement sent out to media members, Diaz feels St-Pierre was given an unfair advantage based on a recently revealed rule allowing discretion on decimal points at weigh-ins even in the case of a title-bout. In standard match-ups, a one-pound allowance is made, while championship clashes require each athlete to be exactly on or below the attached division’s weight. However, in Quebec, fractional pounds are not taken into account, meaning St-Pierre could have been at 170.9 pounds and given the green light.

“There is no question what ‘170 pounds’ means, in the bout agreement, as a matter of contractual interpretation,” explained Diaz’s legal representative. “The Quebec commission deliberately relaxed the rule in this case and, by its own admission, allowed their hometown fighter to ‘make weight’ even if he weighed more than the contracted weight.”

The other issue Diaz’s team raised involved the regulatory board’s “failure to supervise fighters’ provision of samples in connection with testing for Prohibited Substances.”

Ultimately, it appears Diaz’s desire is for a rematch with St-Pierre at 170 pounds on the dot and with proper testing procedures in place. Or, if the French-Canadian fan-favorite isn’t interested in additional action, Diaz’s camp feels another avenue is also out there as an option.

“Mr. St-Pierre remains legally and ethically obligated to fight Mr. Diaz at 170 pounds or else vacate the belt in favor of those prepared to fight at welterweight,” concluded Diaz’s lawyer.

Diaz’s complaints will be filed in Quebec and also voiced to UFC brass at some point in the future.


  • MickeyC says:

    WOW, i’m not sure what to say about this. IF GSP was .9LBs over, I do not see it making any diffrence. And not that I think GSP is on the juice, but they should collect all samples the same reguardless of fighter.

  • darth_irritable says:

    They’ve been dropping the decimal for a long time up in Canuckia. This is nothing new. But you have to explain it real slow to Diaz, who was apparently still struggling to understand something as fundamental as timezone differences. Nothing fishy there, except how the UFC official messed it up explaining it to ol’ slow train and his team.

    Also there’s nothing to suggest that GSP came in over weight at all. Captain patty-cake isnt even trying to claim that. If they were genuinely concerned, this should have been raised at weigh in time, not two weeks after the fact as a fairly unsubtle way to try and get a rematch he hasn’t earned.

    If they handled the drug test differently, that’s a different issue, but since they’ve failed to make literally any substantiated claims in the past, I see no reason to anticipate it will be different here, as far as I know, unless Brendhan has more.

  • MCM says:

    WAAAAAT? Diaz camp bitches after losing a fight? Shocking!
    All this froma a guy that couldn’t make 155 and had to be giving his own division (EXC LW), and who has been busted multiple times for illegal substances.
    But that’s just the type of professional Nick Diaz is.

    Dana said that Diaz wasn’t the hardest person to work with on his roster, who the fuck is harder to work with than this child?

  • darth_irritable says:

    And the answer to that question would be…. Dana himself.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Obviously a weak move but it’s tough for me to think Nick is involved in orchestrating this garbage. Then again, who’s paying the bills when Nick’s camp continually lawyers up to fight drug suspensions and now challenge weigh-in and testing procedures?

    I would guess that might be coming out of Nick’s earnings but in any case, hopefully the geniuses filing these complaints on his behalf have been smart enough to ensure his taxes were taken care of along the way. Nick Diaz broke at 40 would not be good for society.

  • RicM says:

    …….dear God, can’t he just grow up???

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Nick might not be behind this idea Richard, but I bet he got together with his camp and was like ok lets find some supposed issue and start raising hell over it, we can’t take this loss lying down. They also probably think if they raise enough hell over something then GSP/Dana will give them the rematch just because of the hype…which will probably happen at least on Dana’s end


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