Cain-Velasquez-UFC-FOX - MMAWeeklyThe list of notable heavyweights who have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs is a lengthy one. After all, it’s a division stocked with large, muscular men who are often facing bigger athletes given the range of weights allowed. However, UFC champion Cain Velasquez has gone on the record as not only saying he’ll never join the group of transgressors but would actually like to see more drug testing done to weed out the cheaters.

“I’m a natural athlete (and) I think all my competitors should be the same. We should be all equal. Nobody should have an advantage like that on their side,” said Velasquez in a conversation captured by MMAFighting. “I don’t want to fight against somebody who’s on something, who’d have a huge advantage. When we both are natural going in, it’ll be the best guy that wins.”

“That’s why we have the testing and everything. It’s a good thing,” continued Velasquez on his desire to see more focus on testing. “Hopefully that side of it kind of grows more and more, where people get caught beforehand. People will just stop eventually using because they know that if they are, they’ll get caught.”

Velasquez was also asked for his opinion on marijuana in MMA, stating he still wasn’t sure how the substance should be treated but had no problem with the current rules prohibiting pot use.

The 11-1 Velasquez will put his belt on the line on Memorial Day Weekend when he faces Antonio Silva. Interestingly enough, Silva was popped for steroids 2008 and decided to fight overseas instead of adhere to his subsequent suspension. According to Silva’s camp, who maintained his innocence throughout the process, the hit on his drug test related to medicine “Bigfoot” was taking for a medical condition rather than an attempt to cheat.