Wanderlei Silva with FamilyThe UFC has a lot of intimidating fighters under contract but few if any have a reputation for inducing fear like Wanderlei Silva. Though “The Axe Murderer” is near the end of his career now, the PRIDE icon can lay claim to some of the most intense stare-downs and vicious knockouts in MMA history. However, he’s actually an incredibly humble, genuinely nice individual when it comes to life outside the Octagon.

The 36-year old Brazilian recently took some time to film his nine-year old son – Thor Silva – enter his first grappling tournament, showing clear nervous excitement as his boy takes to the mat in both gi and no-gi matches.

At one point in the video Silva also offers up a message to the skilled youngster, saying, “Thor: You know that nothing in life is easy. It doesn’t matter how talented you are. There’s no talent without hard work. From us, you are learning these essential things – to work hard. Hard work, diligence, and honesty are the main ingredients to a successful life.”

“God will show you your talents, whatever that will be…in fighting or not. I know one thing for sure. You will be an awesome guy. You’ve already shown all the signs,” Silva continued. “You’re a guy who is friends with everyone. A hard worker. Smart. The power of your will, for sure, will for sure make you a great man.”

Check out the heart-warming feature below following a little information on how to try out for Team Wand if so inspired: