Alan Belcher - UFCA match-up between UFC middleweights Michael Bisping and Alan Belcher had already been brewing for some time when the organization officially booked it at UFC 159. Both have had history at or near the top of the division for the past few years, picking up a number of notable triumphs but falling short when on the cusp of contendership, and prodded each other in various interviews.

Now, with their April 27 fight fast approaching, temperatures have started to rise with each man amping up their trash-talk. Bisping was recently a guest on UFC Tonight where he made his intentions towards “The Talent” as clear as day.

“I never underestimate an opponent, but I truly believe I’m the better fighter. I think I’ve got the better skill set in all areas. I think I’m just the tougher person. I mean, if we were plucked off the street with no martial arts training I would bury this guy each and every time,” said Bisping.

Though Bisping will prepare for Belcher as a legitimate threat, the 34-year old Brit believes in his heart that he has little to fear when the cage door closes.

“I truly believe I’m gonna win this fight,” offered Bisping on the topic. “I’m going to train accordingly. I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure I win the fight. But I’m in a different league and I need to prove that.”

Bisping holds an overall record of 23-5 with eighteen finishes in comparison to Blecher’s mark of 18-7 with sixteen stoppages. Their bout will serve as the evening’s co-headlining clash.