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Junior dos Santos willing to fight friend Antonio Silva but only for the title

antonio_silvaIt’s not uncommon for situations to arise in MMA where teammates who compete in the same division appear destined to duke it out at some point based on a similar level of success. What’s rare, however, is when close acquaintances are actually open to the idea as is the case of UFC heavyweights Junior dos Santos and Antonio Silva.

Both men are set for respective scraps on May 25 at UFC 160 where, if successful, circumstances could dictate a future date between the duo. Specifically, Silva is scheduled to face champion Cain Velasquez, while Dos Santos will mix it up with Mark Hunt in a battle of top contenders.

Dos Santos recently revealed he’s already talked about the potential tilt with “Bigfoot” and both are of the same mindset.

“We already spoke about that and it’s going to be tough because he’s my good friend and we’re part of the same team, but we’re going to fight for the title,” said Dos Santos to MMAFightCorner, saying he wouldn’t be open to action against Silva if the belt wasn’t involved.

In Dos Santos’ opinion, fighting Silva wouldn’t be much different than the time they spend together in the gym with a few minor exceptions.

“We train with big gloves and shin guards, now it’s small gloves, that’s normal. If the fans want to see the guys who train together to fight, that’s ok. For the title, that’s ok, no problem. After the fight, we’re going to stay together and go to the nightclubs,” explained Dos Santos. “We’re going to celebrate together after the fight. It’s going to be like a sparring session with small gloves. It doesn’t matter the result, we’re still going to celebrate together after.”

For now, of course, such a scenario is only speculative since both men have tough tests in front of them this summer. Dos Santos will enter his effort against the streaking Hunt with his first UFC loss, dropping a one-sided decision to Velasquez in December, while Silva was knocked out by the divisional king less than a year ago.


  • AlphaOmega says:

    Wow..I miss read that title completely, thought it said Anderson and I was like, can he even make 185? I like that mentality, sure its for the belt he said, but still he’s willing to step in there and fight it out, unlike the majority of MMA fighters in regards to their friends. It also seems Big foot has no problem fighting his friends then still being friends afterwards. During the SF HW tournament he made the comment that he’d rather not fight Werdum since they are such good friends, but if it happened he’d go in there, try and knock him out, then they’d go get coffee.

  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    I would think, and this is admitted couch potato opinion, that it would be easier to fight if the title WASN’T on the line. It would be more like full throttle training. If it is for the belt, someone’s dream gets crushed, if not for the belt, you both get paid, have a competitive fight against someone you are familiar with, there isn’t the roostering and trash talk, you just acknowledge it as business.


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