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Lavar Johnson tests positive for elevated testosterone level

LavarJohnson - UFCUFC heavyweight Lavar Johnson pulled out of a December duel with Brendan Schaub due to injury, delaying the fight until February at UFC 157 where the Strikeforce veteran lost a decision after failing to counter Schaub’s takedown attempts and top control. However, it looks like Johnson still shouldn’t have accepted the bout, as the California Athletic Commission has confirmed the 35-year old tested positive for an elevated level of testosterone.

According to a report from MMAJunkie, the result did not indicate a questionable T:E ratio but actual steroid use. As a result, it’s likely Johnson will suffer a 6-12 month suspension and significant fine to boot. Since he lost the bout no change will need to be made to the effort’s result.

The stumble to Schaub was Johnson’s second straight after scoring opening round knockouts in his first two fights under the UFC banner. He holds an overall record of 17-7 with all of his wins featuring some form of stoppage.



    Just stop

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Its sas that people cant be happy with what they ve earned and want more. This guy washed his ufc career up imo.thats why I have a lil more respect for the guys that fight clean. they should sperate the trt users from the others. If your on trt u fight people that are and if your not u fight the best in the world.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Man I really like this guy too. Hopefully the UFC doesn’t cut him and he learns from his mistake and comes back better.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Lavar’s probably done with the UFC. He’s lost 2 in a row, and will be going on 37 years old by the time he’s eligible to fight again. He’ll be a convenient case for the UFC to make an example of how they’re serious about PED use… they’ve gotta manage the PR angle.

    But let’s be real – the majority of pro fighters use PEDs. And for a guy like Lavar, he made it to the top of his profession by fighting under the UFC banner. He fought a total of 9 times for SF/UFC, won a couple KOTN bonuses, hauled in big sponsorship $$, etc. Pretty decent chance none of that happens without PEDs, so he probably feels like he did what he had to do to compete. We all wish nobody used PEDs, but that’s just not the reality of pro sports. Too much money involved and the competition too fierce.

  • MCM says:

    @Richard. why are you always so hung up on age? I’ve noticed it quite a bit that you always say this fighter is gonna be 30+ or that fighter is gonna be 30+ as a negative. Lavar is only 35 In a division where the average age is 32. With guys like Hunt (38) and Werdum (35) one win away from title shots, I don’t think it’s much of a factor if at all. Even most of the top LHW’s are 32yrs old + and that doesn’t include A. Silva who’s gonna be 38 in his next fight.

    I understand (intimately) how much the body slows down after 30 or 35 but there are tons of guys on the roster that compete at the highest level of the sport in their mid to late 30’s. I don’t think age is as much of a factor as wear and tear. Example, Rothwell in only 31 but he’s got a least 10-15 years of wear and tear over Stipe Miocic who’s only 30. Johnson might very well get cut for losing two in a row and being on PED’s, but using his age just seems nonsensical with all the evidence to the contrary out there.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    @MCM – Age is a huge factor. As a general rule, pro athletes tend to be starting their decline phase by the time they reach the wrong side of 30. And with the expansion of MMA, with the ongoing infusion of younger & younger talent into the sport, the age effect is only increasing. How many of the LHWs you’re referring to that are ~32 yrs old are enjoying an upward trend with respect to their career trajectory? After Anderson Silva, I doubt we’ll see a fighter over age 35 hold a UFC belt.

    And back to Big Johnson… if he was a 25 yr old up-and-comer I absolutely think he’d have a better chance of the UFC bending and keeping him around despite the failed test. But a few months shy of 36 and now facing what will likely be a lengthy suspension, where’s the upside? Lavar starts to become damaged goods, they’ve gotten whatever value they can get out of him, and now it’s time to cut him as a convenient case to show their lack of tolerance for PED use (or, more specifically, for failing a test).

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Apart from Anderson Silva, the average age of the other 7 current UFC (male) champions is 27. What you’re considering to be “hung up on age” seems more like stating the obvious from my point of view. Can guys fight and enjoy success past age 30? Absolutely. But more often than not–and increasingly so–are they going to be on the downturn of their career by the time they reach the wrong side of 30? Yep.

  • MCM says:

    Agree to disagree, especially when it comes to the HW division where Johnson was competing against fighters roughly the same age. This whole conversation is immaterial though as Lavar Johnson has been released.

    I guess Dana agreed with you about sending a message.


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