Nick Diaz - InstagramIf UFC President Dana White still had a full head of hair, he would probably have seen some of it gray over the past couple of years in relation to the stress caused by welterweight Nick Diaz. Thus far, Diaz’s anxiety-inducing antics have included missing media obligations, profanity-laced tirades, accusing UFC stars of steroid use, openly professing to his love of pot, and dealing with a drug-based suspension.

And that was just over the past few months.

Diaz was back at it again on Sunday night almost 24 hours after he came up short in title-fight with champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158. The proud son of Stockton was riding in a car with friends police pulled over for driving the wrong direction down a one-way street, posting images of the incident on Instagram. Two of Diaz’s companions were arrested including one with hash in his possession (a potent marijuana-based product).

Fortunately, Diaz stayed out of cuffs with one of the officers telling MMAWeekly, “He was cooperative and released without incident.”

While Diaz avoided incarceration the situation certainly calls his judgment into question once again. White recently said he was concerned for the 29-year old’s future, questioning comments Diaz made after his bout with St-Pierre stating he’d never paid taxes and expected to go to jail at some point because of it. Diaz’s camp has since come out to say the fighter misspoke and had indeed settled up with the IRS, just not personally filed the paperwork.