Dana White - UFC 156 Media DayNews of UFC welterweight Nick Diaz’s decision to skip a scheduled open workout promoting his scrap on Saturday night with Georges St-Pierre spread across the MMA community like wildfire in Blackwater Bay, resulting in a number of opinions ranging from indifference to anger. People intimately involved with the situation, minus Diaz of course, have also had a chance to react including St-Pierre and UFC President Dana White.

White addressed Diaz’s absence on The Jim Rome show, expressing excitement about the UFC 158 headliner before offering up a clear cut warning to the Stockton scrapper should he choose to miss further media obligations in Montreal.

“I’m excited for the press conference, and I’m definitely excited for the weigh-ins. You never know what you’re going to get,” began White, adding, “If he does not show up for the press conference, it is not going to be good. I don’t know what I’ll say or what I’m going to do, but I’ll tell you what, it will not be good.”

Meanwhile, St-Pierre found Diaz’s behavior annoying but typical of an adversary he’s come to dislike on a personal level.

“It’s not fair,” said GSP to MMAFighting of Diaz’s continually dodging pre-event press. “It’s a commitment. I don’t like it but I have to do it. It’s part of the game.

However, though the 170-pound champion may be slightly aggravated by the situation, he doesn’t plan to waste any energy thinking about it. In fact, to hear St-Pierre tell it, after this weekend he doesn’t plan on dealing with Diaz ever again.

“I don’t make anything of it. I’m focused on me, not focused on him. I’m focused on my obligation, that’s all,” explained St-Pierre. “After Saturday, when the fight will be over, it will be history; it will be the past in my career.”