Phil DavisFighters Urijah Faber and Phil Davis know what it’s like to headline a UFC event, deal with never-ending media requests, and cash an unexpected five-figure paycheck based on performance. They also know what it’s like to be an amateur Mixed Martial Artist, both from their own experiences as up-and-coming talents as well as the struggles they see teammates go through on a daily basis.

As a means of helping give back to the sport, Faber and Davis have gotten together to launch a website ( aimed at helping amateurs. The outlet will serve as a means for young competitors to learn about certain aspects of the MMA game as well as promote themselves in hopes of drawing a bigger fanbase and potential sponsorship opportunities.

“Thousands of athletes from diverse backgrounds transition into MMA every year. To make it in this sport you have to stand out, not only as a skilled athlete but as a marketable brand. At MMA Draft we give amateur fighters the tools to achieve this. We also have an established network of MMA scouts that are constantly on the lookout for stand out talent,” explained Faber in a press release announcing the move. will also serve as a resource for fans, athletes considering a move to MMA, and even parents looking to educate themselves on the sport. Amateur cards will also be listed for those interested in checking out the next generation of talent.