Anderson SilvaOpinions are varied when it comes to picking a winner in the summer showdown between UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva and unbeaten contender Chris Weidman. One camp is quick to point to Silva’s overall excellence and experience against elite competition as making him the fight’s favorite, while another sees Weidman’s wrestling and athleticism as presenting the perfect foil to the Brazilian’s brilliance.

Though welterweight king Georges St-Pierre is a bit biased on the matter considering his connection to Renzo Gracie’s school where Weidman puts in time, he recently went on record as saying he’s so confident in the New Yorker’s abilities he actually sees a stoppage on the horizon at UFC 162.

“I believe it’s a bad match-up for Anderson Silva. It’s very bad,” explained St-Pierre in an interview with SportsNet. “Not only is he going to beat him, I believe he’s going to finish Anderson Silva. I believe it’s not going to be too long, that fight. People will be shocked.”

St-Pierre did admit one thing working in Silva’s favor is the fact Weidman has been sidelined since July with some health-related issues.

“Anderson Silva is smart because Chris Weidman is coming back from an injury, a long layoff, so right now the time to fight him is good,” said GSP. “It’s gonna be the best time to fight Chris Weidman.”