Benson HendersonThere are plenty of fighters who have a problem with peers using performance enhancing drugs but UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson isn’t one of them. While the 29-year old certainly doesn’t endorse the practice, he understands the mindset of those who try and erase self-doubt by getting an edge over their opponents.

“I’m fine with it if you choose to use (PEDs), because I understand, as a competitor you want to do whatever it is to get you that one little extra edge. If it’s eating Skittles before whatever, I’m going to eat a whole bunch of Skittles before. Whatever it is to get you the edge,” said Henderson in a conversation captured by MMAFighting. “For some people it’s steroids, for some people it’s TRT. Whatever it is. They want that little bit of an edge, especially in our sport, any little edge can give you an advantage. That can be the difference to getting your hand raised or not.”

“But for those guys who need a little extra bump, a little extra edge, they know it’s illegal. They know they shouldn’t be doing it. Those guys are mentally weaker,” he continued. “They don’t have that fortitude to push through and say, ‘Yeah, I didn’t do this, but I’m still going to beat your butt.’”

Based on that belief, Henderson is actually fine with fighting foes putting banned substances in their system.

“I’m okay with guys taking it, to be honest. If you want to take all the steroids you want, and it cuts off 20 years of your life, but you want that five years of glory — cool. That’s your decision. Go ahead and do whatever you want with your body. But it’s still not going to pan out for you in the long run, because I’m still going to beat you,” he explained, later adding he’d love to see the UFC increase drug testing to weed the cheaters out but was okay with the current set-up too.

The 18-2 Henderson’s next bout is scheduled for April 20 where he’ll face Gilbert Melendez. Neither has ever tested positive for illegal drugs to date.