Sara McMannUFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey is one of MMA’s biggest stars and has a plethora of challenges ahead of her thanks to the company’s dedication to bringing in a number of talented 135ers. However, the one clash people continue to talk about in relation to Rousey is a possible showdown with Cristiane Santos despite “Cyborg” not being part of the UFC roster and competing in a different division.

Rousey was asked about Santos during a recent interview with SportsNet where she stayed true to form by referring to her Brazilian rival’s checkered past and refusal to slim down as reasons the two aren’t likely to ever lock horns.

“If she wants the only title that matters she needs to go in the only division that the UFC has. We’re not making exceptions for cheaters,” said Rousey, also adding. “She almost destroyed women’s MMA. The entire sport stagnated under her and she cared more about having an unfair advantage and winning fights then she cared about the sport itself and it suffered under her.”

Rather than waste energy thinking about Santos or give her any attention, Rousey would prefer to see the public focus on realistic match-ups against some of the other deserving female fighters currently calling the UFC home.

“Look at Sara McMann,” offered Rousey. “She’s undefeated, she’s a silver-medalist wrestler…people like that are the people that we should be looking forward to fighting.”

The 6-0 McMann is set to enter the Octagon at UFC 159 against Sheila Gaff. Other notable women on the roster include Cat Zingano, Liz Carmouche, Sarah Kaufman, and Miesha Tate.