Michael BispingUFC middleweight Michael Bisping is one of the division’s most popular fighters. Not just among fans, mind you, but also amongst his peers. Despite already being booked for a bout against Alan Belcher, a number of 185ers have brought Bisping’s name up in connection with a future clash including recent call-outs from Hector Lombard, Mark Munoz, and Yushin Okami.

Bisping was asked to address the endless stream of proposals in an interview with Bloody Elbow where, rather than fire back with nasty comments, “The Count” showed his appreciation for the amount of attention he gets from the other 185-pounders on the UFC roster.

“It’s a double edged sword. You could take it as an offense, but I don’t. I take it as a compliment,” explained Bisping. “I’ve been no stranger to being insulted over the years, so I have very thick skin. These days, when people call me out, I look at it as a compliment, because these days when somebody wins a fight, instead of calling out the champion, they call me out. Maybe it’s name recognition, or maybe they think I’m an easier fight, but it’s all good to me. I’m never going to be short of opponents, because plenty of people want to fight me.”

“To all those people that call me out, I thank you,” he concluded.

The 23-5 Bisping is scheduled to battle Belcher on April 27 at UFC 159. In the bout he’ll attempt to avoid the first losing streak of his career after being knocked out by Vitor Belfort in his previous pairing.