Lauzon v MillerUFC lightweight Joe Lauzon loves to entertain fans and has done so on a record-tying number of occasions, winning twelve performance-based bonuses over a career seeing him finish every foe he’s beaten. However, the punishment Lauzon has taken over the years has added up and resulted in a large mass of scar tissue on his forehead prone to open up if prodded.

Fans were witness to such occurring in Lauzon’s last fight where he was cut early on and subsequently painted the canvas red for the rest of the rumble en route to a decision loss. While Lauzon received a check for Fight of the Night honors after the bout, he also exited the Octagon knowing it was time to see a specialist to address his medical matter.

“The big thing that kills me is, how could that fight have been different if I hadn’t got caught? It was basically one combination that Jim threw. He threw a bunch of elbows in a row – one quick little flurry right at the beginning of the first (round). That’s what opened up the cut. So the big thing that really gets at me is what would have happened in that fight if I slipped that combination or did something just a little different? That’s kind of the part that gets to me,” said Lauzon in an interview with MMAJunkie. “But I’m glad people enjoyed the fight. I always said I’d rather lose a good fight than win a super-boring one. I always say that, and I still stand by that.”

As far as the actual treatment, Lauzon provided some gruesome detail bringing into mind UFC President Dana White’s infamous words on TUF –  ‘So, you wanna be a fighter?’

“Basically he takes a metal tool and digs at the scar tissue to break it all up,” explained Lauzon. “So I can legit feel all the scar tissue breaking up and getting smaller and smaller. It’s super painful, but I’ve basically been doing that. But I can only do it once a week. You can basically aggravate the crap out of it, break it all up, and then you need a couple days off to rest and stuff. So it’s a little slow going.”

Lauzon concluded by saying he was targeting summer for his next scrap but wouldn’t be testing himself in the gym until he’s sure his forehead can handle the abuse. When he returns he will enter the cage with a 22-8 record including finishes of Jamie Varner, Melvin Guillard, and Jeremy Stephens.