Travis Browne v Antonio Silva - UFC on FX 5UFC heavyweight Travis Browne appeared to be on his way to a title-shot until he crossed paths with Antonio Silva last October. In the bout, Browne injured his hamstring and was relegated to fighting “Bigfoot” on one leg. Though Browne did his best, the Brazilian behemoth was ultimately able to land a few stiff strikes and dropped the previously unbeaten “Hapa” en route to a TKO win.

The loss has been in the back of Browne’s mind ever since, serving as a source of fuel while the 31-year old prepares for a go at Gabriel Gonzaga in a little more than a month.

“I would like the Antonio Silva fight back. It is going to be something I want until I can get it. He is the only guy that can stand there and say he can beat me,” explained Browne in a recent interview with Caged Insider. “As an athlete and as a person, I believe that I would come out on top if I wouldn’t have suffered that injury. It is really hard to say because the injury happened, and he won. It is just one of those things where if I would have won, I would have been like, ‘Wow, that’s the closest I have ever been to losing.’ He won and you can’t take that away from him. The injury happened, that’s part of life, and life isn’t fair.”

Since Browne isn’t able to rewind time, he’s instead looking forward to his April 13 tilt with Gonzaga who is currently on a three-fight winning streak. And, though the stumble to Silva certainly irks Browne, he also sees some of the positive the humbling experience produced.

“It has put me in a better place mentally. It really helped me get myself back into the mindset of you’re not invincible. I never had that mindset, but you can get a little carried away. Sometimes you would try stuff that you wouldn’t normally do,” admitted Browne. “Bottom line is after that fight it really helped me get back to some of my roots.”

Browne holds an overall record of 13-1-1 with eleven stoppages including nine TKOs. His bout with the 14-6 Gonzaga is set for the Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale.