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Leonard Garcia-Cody McKenzie meeting at UFC 159

Cody McMekznei - TUF 12 FinalePersonality can take a fighter far in the UFC. However, without some level of success to back it up, even the most entertaining competitor’s job is at risk. Two men who fit said description are featherweights Leonard Garcia and Cody McKenzie, as both are well-liked but haven’t found any level of consistency where victory is concerned.

Despite their popularity among certain segments of the fanbase, a bout almost certainly leaving the loser looking for a new organization to call home between Garcia and McKenzie has been added UFC 159. The two were originally supposed to fight at UFC 155 but McKenzie was forced out of the match-up with an injury.

Garcia confirmed the April 27 tilt on his Twitter account.

The 15-10-1 Garcia has lost five of his last six fights including four in a row. Comparably, McKenzie is 13-3 with stumbles in three of four previous pairings.


  • hindsightufuk says:


  • MCM says:

    are you asking “why, not cut them both and keep Jon Fitch?”. I don’t know.
    Why give either one of them a chance to stay in the UFC. They both seem like nice enough fellows, but neither one has the skills to maintain a spot in the so-called best MMA promotion in the world.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    My feelings exactly. Im sure fitchs negative fan base is bigger than both these guys pit together. Both these guys suck. Dana just cant wait for cody to choke garcia so he can wet his pants.

  • climbarock says:

    This is a fine Hater’s Ball. I’m in agreement. Cut ’em both and spare us this matchup.


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