Georges St-Pierre - UFCUFC President Dana White recently expressed frustration with the difficulty in locating welterweight Nick Diaz for interviews aimed at promoting his March 16 match-up with champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158. However, Diaz’s dislike of doing media is nothing new, as the 29-year old focuses his time on training for fights rather than talking about them.

Fortunately, UFC cameras were at least able to catch up with Diaz for a discussion on his go at GSP where the former Strikeforce title-holder pointed to how different his approach to fighting is when compared to his Canadian foe.

“I’m a real fighter – the guy that trained karate as a kid, went to the boxing gym, went to the jiu-jitsu academy…who got right and took fights,” said the animated Diaz.

“By 23 I’m fighting #1 people in the world,” he continued. “I will tell you right now I want to fight the #1 fighter in the world. I’ve always said that….Georges has never said that…If I was in his place I would be asking for the Anderson Silva fight. I wouldn’t let that blow away. That’s crazy.”

Another contrast Diaz sees between himself and St-Pierre relates to style – Diaz, a technical brawler with high-level BJJ he rarely uses; St-Pierre, a precise striker who often smothers adversaries on the ground with his seemingly unstoppable takedowns. That being said, Diaz feels he’s ready for St-Pierre’s wrestling and that doesn’t necessarily mean he plans on stuffing his attempts either.

“You want to take me down? Okay, now you have to deal with problems on the ground,” crowed the confident Diaz. “He might not want to do that. Carlos Condit didn’t wanna do that. He wanted to run away from me because he knew better than to do that….I’m saying right now, I don’t give a f*ck. Take me down, stand up…it’s gonna be a fight and it’s gonna be five rounds.”

The full interview with Diaz can be seen below: