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Dan Henderson: “I’m not by any means done.”

Dan Henderson - UFC 157 WorkoutsUFC light heavyweight Dan Henderson lost his long-overdue title-shot over the weekend when he fell on the scorecards to Lyoto Machida at UFC 157, leaving “The Dragon” as the division’s top contender. Henderson didn’t necessarily look bad in the bout, struggling with Machida’s speed and movement as many of the Brazilian’s past opponents have, but at the age of 42 its unlikely the fan-favorite has many more runs at the belt in him to work out the kinks.

Fortunately,Henderson isn’t looking to retire anytime soon and came out of his match-up in good enough condition to call for another fight in the next 4-5 months.

“Obviously I’m bummed out. I wasn’t planning on losing,” said Henderson at the post-event press conference, assuring his supporters, “I’m not by any means done. I still have goals I want to reach in this sport, and I want to fight as soon I can. I’m ready to go in June or July. I didn’t have the best last few months, but I feel a lot better now, and I want to be real active this next year.”

Henderson didn’t take to the Octagon a single in 2012 after deciding to wait for champ Jon Jones and then suffering an injury leading up to their tilt. Though the PRIDE icon never pointed to his extended break from action as a reason for his loss to Machida, he definitely doesn’t want to spend any unnecessary months on the shelf either.

“That much time off is never good. I don’t want that to happen again,” stated Henderson, joking, “I’m getting a little old.”

Machida’s win snapped a four-fight winning streak for Henderson and dropped his record to 29-9. It also marked his first stumble in the Octagon since falling to Anderson Silva nearly five years ago.


  • hindsightufuk says:

    its not like he got beaten up, just out pointed by a master at that aspect of competition.

    plenty of fights left for him, i dont think he’ll ever fight for gold, nor come close, but he certainly has entertaining bouts against the likes of Nog again, Glover, Rashad, even Forrest maybe (even Shogun 2?)
    Wish we had gotten to see him fight Tito and a Rampage rematch maybe

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Has anyone heard what him and Dana were talking about when Liz was explaining what it’s like to get armbared during the FuelTv Post fight show? My friend says Hendo looked like he was bitching

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yeah, the loss this weekend pretty much squashes Dan’s chance of getting a title shot. Which is unfortunate, as I really wanted to see him fight Jones.

    Jones likely beats either of them, but rather than seeing him beat Lyoto for a 2nd time (within a relatively short period of time), I would have liked to see the greatest American mixed martial artist of all time (Hendo) take on the young lion, in a passing-of-the-torch type of fight. Hendo would be the fan favorite, but if Jones was able to defeat him in impressive fashion I think it would have helped JBJ further gain support/respect from the overall MMA fanbase that seems to be pretty lukewarm about the guy. I think it’s a missed opportunity, with the UFC bungling the situation by caving to FOX pressure and going with the silly Chael thing to rescue sagging TUF ratings.

    Hendo is now out of the title picture, Jones will next defend his belt against a completely undeserving “contender,” and waiting after that is a rematch involving a guy that the majority of fans aren’t excited about*. Sure, TUF is doing well… but in the end, will the tradeoff have been worth it?

    * I’ve always liked Machida as a fighter. He’s an incredibly talented martial artist with a unique style that is fascinating to watch, even if a bit dull at times while he sets things up. But I just don’t need to see a rematch so soon. Until his victory this past weekend, Lyoto’s only work since being choked unconscious by JBJ was a win over the solid but unspectacular Ryan Bader.


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