Urijah Faber v Ivan Menjivar - UFC 157UFC bantamweight Urijah Faber has fought five times in the Octagon and two of the tilts have involved divisional gold. With a convincing win over seasoned competitor Ivan Menjivar at UFC 157, “The California Kid” once again has people talking potential title-shots even though it was his first fight back since losing to interim title-holder Renan Barao. Though it’s likely Faber would need another victory similar to his submission of Menjivar to score the opportunity, with linear champ Dominick Cruz still recovering from knee surgery a slim possibility remains Faber could get called on for another crack at Barao.

If that’s the case, Faber certainly won’t apologize for his success despite critics questioning the number of shots he’s received with a losing record in the actual match-ups. He’s also not necessarily calling for another chance to win gold either, at least yet.

“I deserve whatever I get in this world. If it’s a title-shot, I’ll take it. I’m just gonna keep on fighting and winning and answering to the haters,” said Faber to Fuel TV shortly after his opening round win, making it clear the belt was still his ultimate goal. “I want the title. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I compete in this sport. That’s why I’ve trained every day for the last ten years in MMA and twenty something years in wrestling.”

The 27-6 Faber also holds wins over Eddie Wineland and Brian Bowles under the UFC banner. His submission stoppage of Menjivar was the fifteenth of Faber’s career and 22nd overall finish.

The full interview with Faber can be seen below: