Ronda Rousey v Liz Carmouche - Press ConferenceUFC bantamweight Ronda Rousey was handed a championship without ever having set foot inside the Octagon, receiving the honor based on her overwhelming popularity and success under the Strikeforce banner. While many fighters in her position might feel a sense of entitlement as though the belt was well-deserved, Rousey was anything but comfortable with the accolade and won’t feel good about it until she defeats Liz Carmouche tonight at UFC 157.

“I don’t like holding the belt beforehand,” admitted Rousey to Fuel TV during the network’s coverage of yesterday’s weigh-ins. “I don’t like feeling like I somehow have an advantage walking in there, because we start at zero. It doesn’t matter what anyone called me walking in, once they close the door we’re the same. I don’t like holding the belt until after I win it.”

To put her anxiety to rest, Rousey will have to get by the 8-2 Carmouche in this evening’s headliner. While all of Rousey’s previous triumphs have all involved an Armbar, “Rowdy” Ronda isn’t focused on finishing Carmouche in similar fashion this time around. Of course, she’s not opposed to it either.

“I’m gonna try to win with whatever works. If it’s quick and efficient, that’s what I’m gonna go for,” said Rousey. “I don’t feel the need to go out of my way for other peoples’ criticisms because there’s always going to be criticism no matter what I do.”

The full interview with Rousey can be seen below: