Ronda Rousey v Liz Carmouche - Press Conference (2)More or less every fan knows the skinny on UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey. She’s a ferocious grappler and has finished all of her foes with an opening round Armbar even her adversaries know is coming. There’s no question Rousey’s dominance in the ring helped boost her profile to superstar status, opening the Octagon’s door for women, but it has also called into question her ability to deal with a more grueling encounter both mentally and physically.

While a common assumption involves UFC 157 opponent Liz Carmouche wanting to take Rousey into deep waters, the former Marine recently told Fightline that’s not necessarily the case at all.

“I’m really not looking to just settle with pushing it to the second, or third, fourth, fifth round. I want a strong finish,” said Carmouche after saying she’d gladly take a first-frame Armbar of her own if possible. “I’m not one to usually be accepting of just a decision.”

“I really feel that the pressure is more on Ronda because she really has to go out there and stick with what she’s always done and prove to people she can do it again,” Carmouche continued. “Whereas for me, nobody has any expectations so anything I do is just going to blow everyone away.”

Carmouche is 8-2 with seven stoppages to her credit including five TKOs. She is currently on a two-fight winning streak with finishes in both.