Michael BispingOpinions of UFC middleweight Michael Bisping widely vary based on the seasoned veteran’s brash attitude. Some fans love him, others hate him. However, one area most MMA enthusiasts agree on is that of Bisping’s toughness. He takes every fight thrown his way and is willing to step up on short notice if ever needed.

Unfortunately, Bisping’s old school approach to fighting has left his body banged up. And, as someone who enjoys the sport’s grind, “The Count” hasn’t taken any significant time off to consider the long term effects. Now, with what appears to be nerve damage in his neck, Bisping has been given a frightening reminder of his mortality.

“My right arm, and this is the first time I’ve mentioned this, I have a trapped nerve in my neck and [may] need surgery on my neck. The way they’ve described it is that if you stand on a hosepipe, a lot of the water doesn’t get through. The nerves along my right arm aren’t getting through,” revealed Bisping in an interview with ESPN. “All along here (gestures towards his side and pectoral area), you could squeeze my pec, really get your nails into it, and I wouldn’t feel a thing. My right arm is so much weaker than my left, it’s called atrophy, my muscle is wasting away because nerve signals aren’t getting through.”

“I need that taken care of but I’ve been fighting so much that I haven’t had time for the treatment. I’m seeing a specialist on Tuesday, hopefully to get it sorted. I’m too old school for my own good,” he continued. “The thing is I’ve got another fight booked already. My hand, I can’t even make a fist because I keep going into fight after fight after fight. Really what I need is six months off – but I don’t want to take six months off. I like what I do. I like to be kept busy.”

Bisping’s internal conflict between staying active and staying upright seems to be leaning towards the latter based on his current condition, prompting the 33-year old to admit he planned on reexamining his training/dieting practices after figuring his injury issue out even if it meant bringing in a new coach to, “kick my ass and discipline me.”

Bisping is supposed to battle Alan Belcher on April 27 at UFC 159, though it appears evident their tilt is in jeopardy based on the Brit’s health.