Dana White - UFC on Fuel 7 Press ConferenceUFC President Dana White’s disdain for the practice of Testosterone Replacement Therapy was crystal clear last weekend when the outspoken executive addressed the issue, promising to “test the living sh*t” out of fighters on the roster with TRT exemptions after coming to believe some were abusing the controversial practice. And, after an admission from testosterone user Chael Sonnen on UFC Tonight, it is clear White’s words were more than simply just talk.

“The testing has already started. I can tell you firsthand, I have already been tested since this announcement,” revealed Sonnen on last night’s episode.

Sonnen is currently in camp preparing for an April 27 title-fight with light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Rather than show concern for the increased amount of screening Sonnen is sure to face over the next few months, the 35-year old expressed pride in White’s approach to the matter, agreeing with the need to clean up MMA before it gets out of hand.

“I admire Dana on many levels. For me, this is his crowning moment, both as a leader, but also with his integrity,” said Sonnen. “You are never going to find a chief executive at any corporation – be it sport, business or otherwise – that shines a ling on his own organization and says, ‘We have a problem.’ We’re not talking about testosterone use, we’re talking about testosterone abuse.”

Sonnen’s name was first linked to TRT in relation to his infamous meeting with Anderson Silva in 2010 when he was found to have an abnormally high amount of testosterone in his system. He was subsequently suspended as a result.