Vitor BelfortThe topic of testosterone replacement therapy was back in the headlines this past weekend after UFC President Dana White announced the organization was increasing drug testing of fighters on the roster using the controversial practice and middleweight Michael Bisping delivered a profanity-laced rant regarding his loss to TRT user Vitor Belfort.

Belfort apparently felt the heat created by both developments and decided to go on Twitter to address things, acknowledging he could have been more forthcoming on the public front but shouldn’t be faulted for following the rules put in place by those overseeing the sport of MMA.

“This will be last time that I will talk about TRT. I never hid from the UFC that I was on the treatment but I admit that I didn’t admit it to the press. I confess that this was my mistake (and) I am MAN enough to admit my mistakes,” wrote Belfort. “So from now on, guys please don’t fight me if you going to use this as an excuse. I never lie and never hide from UFC.”

“Get over it. A kick in the head doesn’t have anything to do with TRT. This is called skill,” the Brazilian.

The 35-year old beat Bisping in January with a series of strikes started off by a headkick. Bisping as since asked for a rematch though the Brit didn’t point to Belfort’s TRT as the reason for his request. However, he did admit he had an issue with “The Phenom” being granted an exemption despite having been suspended in 2006 for testosterone abuse.

Belfort’s next bout is set for May 18 at UFC on FX 8 where he’ll face Strikeforce champion Luke Rockhold.