UFC 158 PosterWelterweight Nick Diaz’s presence at a January press conference promoting his UFC 158 match-up with champion Georges St-Pierre seemed to be a good sign in terms of the controversial Californian fulfilling media duties this time around instead of skipping out on them as he did in 2011, resulting in his removal from the bout. Unfortunately, it appears Diaz may not have learned his lesson after all, as the fighter’s willingness to help sell the March 16 scrap has seemingly gone up in smoke.

UFC President Dana White was asked about the prospect of a UFC Primetime special documenting the lives of St-Pierre/Diaz leading up to their tilt and said, as good as it would likely be, the UFC’s production staff has had a hard time locating Diaz to film any material.

“First we gotta get him to show up for the f*cking interviews and then we can do it. How many has he missed, four? Three. He’s missed three,” explained White to a group of reporters after the UFC on Fuel 7 press conference. “We’ve got a f*cking crew rolling around Stockton not doing a f*cking thing. It costs us a lot of money and we can’t properly sell the fight or Nick Diaz.”

Fighters Only Magazine was on the scene and recorded the conversation.

Though clearly perturbed, White didn’t go so far as to state Diaz was at risk of losing his title-shot (again) but rather appeared accepting of the problems attached to such a unique talent.

“I knew something was gonna go bad somewhere. That’s Nick,” chuckled White after giving the former Strikeforce stand-out credit for showing up to the initial presser last month.